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5 Things To Know About Dab Rigs

Dab rigs are specified water pipes that are used to smoke oils, concentrates, and extracts as well. Smoking the oils and extracts is termed as dabbing that is an alternative to the conventional smoking. It provides a pure essence of the drug to the smoker and an original feeling but less harmful for the human body. The smoke that is produced in the dab rigs is actually the vapours that are produced in the result of burning concentrate on the extremely high temperature that means no combustion process. It gives a uniform experience to the smoker and brings the same feel of contentment all the time. The quantity of oil or extract used every time is same, the convenient two-step process makes it easy to use and have the best experience with the dabbing. 

How Are Dab Rigs Made? 

These are a type of water pipe containing two parts; one is a glass dome with a titanium/glass or quartz nail. The glass dome contains water in it while the attached two pipes are the main parts that facilitate you with the whole thing. Here I present some important things that you need to know before getting dab rigs as these can help you to have the best choice of the cheap dab rigs.

Smaller Is Better 

At the marketplace, a number of dab rigs are available that provides you ultimate options. All of them are a little different shape, colours,and designs but do the same job. Make sure to pick up the smallest one as it gives the strong and ultimate essence of the drug. 

Consider The Performance Points 

When getting the dab rigs consider the water volume, portability, durability and other functions at the first place. 

Small Mouthpiece Give Better Taste 

It is perceived that larger mouthpiece gives effective smoke in taking; in fact, the smaller mouthpiece is best as giving the ultimate taste and kick. 

Get a Dab Rag 

When using the dab rigs make sure to have a dab-rag that is easily available and sometimes comes in a package with the whole apparatus. It will help you to place the rigs at the right place and maintain the hygiene. 

Ultimate Selection Of Nails Is Important.

There are a number of nails available in the marketplace, do avoid the borosilicate glass nails as they can break easily. Quartz is the best option for the ultimate nails. Now get your cheap dab rigs, and enjoy.